Georgia DACA Recipients Lead the Fight for Cheaper Tuition

Georgia DACA Recipients Lead the Fight for Cheaper Tuition

 10 DACA recipient students in Georgia filed a lawsuit on Tuesday asking Georgia University’s board to give them in-state tuition rates. The same group of students filed a lawsuit in February of 2016, which was dismissed by the Georgia Supreme Court. The students...

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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can mean many different things, depending on a variety of factors. In the event that you have been charged with a crime and you are unsure as to what those charges entail, it is recommended that you contact us right away.

We will be able to review your charges and discuss their possible ramifications and consequences. Additionally, we will be able to fight those charges in court on your behalf, thereby giving you a strong chance of a successful outcome. Do not waste more time, talk to our attorneys today by clicking here.

Whether you are facing charges for a misdemeanor or a felony,  it is in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent your case. The legal system is not simple and there is a good chance that you could become lost and eventually face stiff punishment for the crime you have been charged with. Our attorneys are here to assist you in navigating your legal proceedings, and providing you with the best representation for a happy resolution.

If you are an immigrant, be sure to check our Immigration page.

Below is the step by step guide of what you should when you are under a criminal investigation or when you get arrested for a crime. 

When Under Investigation

As soon as you realize you might be charged with a crime, do not wait one more second. Speak to an Attorney right away.

Generally before the filing of charges, there will be an investigation. That investigation helps law enforcement to collect as much evidence as possible to build their case against you. If you have a good criminal defense attorney at this time it will impact your case in the most powerful way.

In most of the criminal cases, the pre filing period is very crucial. It is crucial because you have not been arrested yet, which means you do not have any Miranda rights.

 Even if you think you have not committed the crime, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Usually people want to defend themselves and they tend to explain or protect themselves to someone who they think will listen, like a police office, a judge, investigators or even by-standers. Do not make that mistake; resist your temptation to talk. Because anything you say can and will be used against you.

All you have to do is to state “I need a criminal defense attorney before I can talk to anyone”. In most cases getting a good criminal defense attorney might prevent the filing of the charges in the first place. Even if the charges are filed, having a good criminal defense attorney by your side will ensure that your constitutional rights are safe and protected.

 Potts Martinez can help you before charges are filed. We strongly recommend that you call us as soon as you or your friends or family may be suspected of a crime. We have been protecting people for the past 15 years and we know we can make a difference in your case too.

After Getting Arrested


 As soon as you get arrested, the police officers already have your basic information. So do not say anything else to the officers or to anyone present at the place of arrest.

Again, anything you say can and will be used against you. Even if you know you are innocent, do not attempt to explain anything. You will get a chance to do that later on. Do not help the officers build a case against you.

 Your next step is to get a qualified Criminal Defense Attorney, IMMEDIATELY. Find a criminal defense attorney who will fight for you every inch of the way. Our criminal defense attorneys at Potts Martinez have been doing that for more than 15 years now. So you now know whom to call when you or someone you know gets arrested.

 If you get arrested, you have the right to have a criminal defense attorney and also have the right to a fair and speedy trail. Do not think about defending yourself when you have been charged with a crime, there are a numerous number of traps and loopholes which may and will result in unfair convictions and severe sentences. We strongly recommend you use an experienced criminal defense attorney.

 If you think you cannot afford a private attorney, you have the right to a court-appointed public defender. Even though they are called the public defenders they are also not free. Depending upon the circumstances of your case you may be asked to pay for the defense at the end of your trail.

The problem with a public defender is that, they are often overburdened and might not allocate the necessary time and effort your case requires. Our criminal defense attorneys are always focused on providing nothing but the best solution for our clients.

Call us right now at 323 803 7147.

The Criminal Investigation Process

After you get arrested and when you are under criminal investigation or suspect that you are, that most likely will be your first experience with the Criminal Justice System. It can be one of the most daunting and confusing experiences in your life. Especially when you are all alone and you are up against well-experienced prosecutors who are backed by the huge resources of the American government.

 Please call us if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your case. We know what you are going through and we are always ready to help. All criminal charges should be handled seriously as you get only one chance to defend yourself. The decision you make right now regarding your criminal defense attorney will affect the rest of your life.

 Regardless of whether you hire the criminal defense attorneys from Potts Martinez or not, you owe it to you, your family and your friends to get a lawyer to protect your constitutional rights.

 To consult with a criminal defense attorney, call 323 803 7147.

 All the information provided above is meant only for informational purposes and should not be considered as legal advice.

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