Asylum applicants can now get work permit for two years

Effective October 05, 2016 USCIS announced the increase in the validity of work permits. Asylum applicants will be eligible to apply for a work permit after their asylum petition has been pending for more than 150 days. Before October 05, 2016 this work permit was only valid for one year.

Ifthe petitioner doesn’t get a decision on their asylum petition within a year, they will have an option to renew their permit for two years.

USCIS Announcment about work permits

USCIS released a statement on their site stating the above. The validity period for the initial or renewal work permits also known as employment authorization documents (EAD card) for asylum applicants with pending asylum claims has been increased to two years from one.

This change in the validity applies to all asylum applicants who have a pending application as of October 5, or new applicants who applied
after October 5, 2016.

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Asylum Work Permits (EAD)

“New and Renewal work permits(EAD card) for asylum applicants will now be valid for two years instead of one”

If you do not qualify for unlawful presence waiver, check out our asylum services.


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