With the presidential election just around the corner, the headlines and news reporting are centered around the major issues facing this country. Amongst these headlines are many topics such as terrorism, healthcare, unemployment, the economy etc.

However, in my opinion, one topic has seemed to be the center of controversy, this topic being immigration. Both the democratic and republican parties differ greatly on their views on immigration. One of the republican front runners this election, Donald Trump has taken a hard stance on immigration. He is in favor of building a US border which is impenetrable and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. This means, if Donald Trump is elected, and you are not in this country legally, there is a strong chance you may not be permitted to stay. There are millions of undocumented immigrants who have helped make the united states what is today and could be in danger of deportation. Whoever gets voted as the next president could mean the difference between you staying in this country with your friends and loved ones or being forced to leave.

Under the Obama administration there are many options which may be available to you based on your situation. I strongly encourage all undocumented immigrants to consult with an immigration attorney. One immigration attorney I know is Shan Potts. He has been serving the immigrant population for over a decade and has been very successful in getting residencies and citizenship applications approved. He has also won several deportation cases for his clients. Consultations are free, it won’t cost you a thing to meet with the attorney.

Everyone has the right to get informed and know what your options are. There’s no telling who the next American President will be or how his or her stance on immigration will affect your legal rights. Act now, get informed and find out what you can do to help yourself and your family. Do it now, before it’s too late.



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