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Potts Martinez and Law Offices of Shan Potts are dedicated to providing the best legal service to our clients and their families so they can continue to live and work in the United States legally.

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We provide immigration services at a fixed flat price. We assist in document preparation, court representation, interview preparation and visa/petition filing, asylums etc.



We understand our clients needs and provide them with top notch criminal defense. We handle each case in a unique way and always put our clients first.



We help our clients erase their past mistakes and start a new life by expunging their criminal records. For immigrants it means temporary relief from deportation.

‘Undocumented’ Immigrants and Taxes

In a November interview with CNN host Erin Burnett, Trump asked “Do you think an illegal immigrant getting money is going to be paying taxes.” Trump’s question started a debate in our country as to whether undocumented immigrants were paying government taxes and...

Will Supreme Court Deliver the Much Anticipated Relief for Immigrant Families?

Nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants eagerly await the Supreme Court’s decision on the scope of Presidential Executive Order. The state of Texas and 25 other states sued the Federal Government, denouncing President’s Executive Order, particularly Deferred Action...

Understanding Trump, Clinton’s Immigration Plans

US ELECTION 2016 Understanding Trump, Clinton's Immigration Plans As we come down to the final strecth of the 2016 US Presidential Election, there is no doubt that the two major party presidential candidates have completely different plans for immigration. So we at...

The Presidential Election and Immigration

With the presidential election just around the corner, the headlines and news reporting are centered around the major issues facing this country. Amongst these headlines are many topics such as terrorism, healthcare, unemployment, the economy etc. However, in my...

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Three Countries

Today (Nov 20, 2014), Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced his decision to designate people from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 Months. This announcement was made due to the outbreak of...

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Somalia

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced his decision to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for eligible nationals of Somalia (and eligible individuals without nationality who last habitually resided in Somalia) for an additional 18...

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Shan D Potts esq, is the founder and leading attorney in Potts Martinez. With over 18 years of immigration law experience Shan Potts has helped several thousands of immigrants and still continues to do so.



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