Children in Deportation




As a mother and a legal assistant working for an immigration attorney any story that talks about children being deported interests me. That is how I came across the story of Kimberly. Kimberly is a 19-year-old girl originally from Honduras who fled her home country because gangs threatened to sexually assault her and her sister. Kimberly and her sister came to the United States as unaccompanied minors. Kimberly has been in the United States for 2 years now. She was attending high school and on January 27 she was arrested by ICE officials on her way to school. Kimberly has been in ICE detention for more than five weeks now pending her deportation. Kimberly story is one of many that I have come across. Children are fleeing their home countries risking greater danger by traveling alone miles and miles to reunite with family in the United States, where they believe they will be safe. Unfortunately, like Kimberly’s story many children are in deportation proceedings and if they are not represented properly they are running the risk of being deported and returned to a country where violence and threats are non-stop.

According to Kimberly’s story she was represented by an attorney who did not represent her and her sister properly. Kimberly was not given the opportunity to request Asylum and now she is being Deported. Deportation proceedings should not be taken lightly specially when it comes to children. What mother wants their child to be threatened, to live in fear every day? Hiring a competent attorney with experience in deportation proceedings to represent you, your children and your family is the best choice to keep families together. The Law Office of Shan D. Potts has represented unaccompanied minors in their deportation proceedings. These children are now living in the United States with their families and no longer in fear for their life or deportation. The Law Office of Shan D. Potts offers deportation defense service not only to unaccompanied minors, but everyone who is in deportation proceedings.


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