DAPA is not effective yet, but a final decision will be made before the end of the April 2016. 

However you can start collecting the documents now because you might need to provide USCIS with the proof.

If you are not sure you are eligible, check the picture above to find out.  


Birth certificate, Photo ID Passport, School Id, Military Id, Identification documents from your country of origin. Any US document with you name and photo like an Driver’s License or a State ID.

Entry to the United States

Immigration documents which has your date of entry, your passport with the admission stamp on it. (Form I-94, I-95,I-94w)

Presence and Residence in the United States 

Proof of presence with dates and addresses using the Immigration documents, government records, medical records, military records, employment records, religious or community organizations records, insurance policies, tax records, bank receipts, financial records, credit card receipts, money order receipts, rental agreements, deeds, mortgages, utility bills, club memberships and more.

Tax Filings

If you do not have copies of your past filings, call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to order a transcript for free. (IRS Contact number – 1800-908-9946)

If you have not filed your taxes, ask them for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) by calling 1800-829-1040 to file them.

Employment History

Record Dates, names, addresses of the place where you have worked.

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