My Immigration Story – KRIS NAZARIAN


Kris was born in Lebanon in 1976, the year the civil war was at its worst. His family fled Armenia to the United States, seeking refuge and safety. They settled in East Hollywood, the location known to many as Little Armenia. Armenians immigrants were literally everywhere in this small community. They immigrated from Iran, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. However, one major asset lacking from the community was an Armenian bookstores/magazines store, and people had a thirst and desire to read in their native language. Kris’ Father started one of many soon to come Armenian-language magazines in America; then he later opened a family owned bookstore. The place was an Armenian cultural center, filled with Armenians talking and arguing. Kris’ father passed the bookstore to him after he retired. However, Little Armenia has changed since the mid 1990s. The thirst for Armenian culture is not as prevalent and more people donate books to the store than buy. Despite the cultural shift, Kris still works hard, attempting to keep the dream and legacy of his father alive in the community he grew up in. Learn more about obtaining asylum/refugee in the United States visit our asylum and refugee pages, Contact Shan Potts Law Offices if you would like to apply for Asylum in the United States. We provide Immigration services, catering to the Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles areas.

“I came to the United States to flee
the civil war in my homeland”

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Zenaya Merga – Entered the US via
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