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Victim of Domestic violence

Immigrants who have been victims of abuse or violence in the United States may qualify for a U-Visa or protection under the Violence Against Women (VAWA) in order to prevent deportation and potentially obtain lawful permanent residence (a green card).

Victim of a crime

If you are a victim of a crime in the United States, regardless of whether you are related to the perpetrator you are eligible for an U-visa. U-Visa will allow you stay in the United States legally and also makes you eligible to apply for a green card.

Number of U-visa applications Submitted in 2014

Average VAWA petitions every year for last 5 years

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)


If you have been battered and or abused by your spouses, parents or children you may be eligible to apply for an U visa without any help or cooperation of the US citizen or permanent resident relative who abused you. 

If you fall under one of these categories you may be eligible for VAWA, you should talk to our experienced immigration attorneys to begin the application process:

  1. Your spouse is a US citizen or a legal permanent resident and he or she used violence against you or your child (Children should be under 21).
  2. Your parent or stepparent is a US citizen or legal permanent resident and he or she used violence and abused you and you are unmarried and under the age of 21.
  3. Your have a son or daughter who is over 21 and a US citizen or a legal permanent resident and he or she abused you.

If you fall under any of these three categories, you might be able to get yourself a green card. Act quickly and contact us to being the process today. 

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Under VAWA, the spouses and children of the abusive US citizen or Legal permanent residents may file a self-petition for a green card without the knowledge or assistance of the abuser. 

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In order to apply for an U-visa, you need to meet certain requirements and must be ready to provide substantial evidence to USCIS. 

Below are a few basic requirements to apply for U-visa: 

  1. You must have been a victim of a qualifying crime. The crime must have occurred within the US or should have US laws. You can apply for an U-visa if you are not the direct victim of a crime but you are a close relative of the victim.
  2. You must have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse over the course of the crime.
  3. You have important and useful information about the criminal activity. (If you are under 16 years of age, your parent, guardian, a counselor or a social worker can provide this information on your behalf)
  4. You have been or will be helpful to law enforcement in the effort to bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice.
  5. You are admissible or you are applying for a waiver using form I-192, which is Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant.

If you fall under one of these categories …Contact our experienced immigration attorneys and begin the process today. Give us a call at 323 803 7147 to talk to our experienced immigration attorneys about your situation. 

If you are the family member of a U visa applicant, you may also be eligible to apply for a U visa. Ask us how, by giving us a call at 323 803 7147 or by sending an email to


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